Omaha culture is important to the history of the Plains peoples because the Omaha are one of the few Plains tribes who continue an earthlodge/horticultural adaptation to the Plains even after horses were introduced. Omaha artifacts are scarse, widely dispersed, and not well catalogued. Moreover, the collections are not readily accessible to the public or to tribal members. In an effort to make Omaha artifacts and photographic images more available, this project is creating an online catalogue of tribal resources drawn from international sources. Partners in the project are the University of Nebraska State Museum, which houses some important Omaha artifacts; the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, and the Nebraska State Historical Society. The University Libraries has significant experience in cataloging images and creating web accessible databases. The Society has Omaha artifacts in the Museum of Nebraska History, Omaha photographic images in the Library and Archives and a state-of-the art digitization lab. These partners are working together with consultants from the Omaha tribe to create this website that was partially funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

   For more information contact D. Allison, University Libraries.

Project Team

Project Director
Thomas P. Myers, University of Nebraska State Museum (UNSM)

Co-Principal Investigator
Dee Ann Allison, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Libraries

William Duly, UNSM
Zach Bajaber, UNL Libraries
Jason Bougger, UNL Libraries
Sue Ann Gardner, UNL Libraries
Margaret V. Mering, UNL Libraries
Brian Pytlik Zillig, UNL Libraries
Stacy Rickel, UNL Libraries
Katherine L. Walter, UNL Libraries
Laura Weakly , UNL Libraries
Paul Eisloeffel, Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS)
Deb Arenz, NSHS
Laura Mooney, NSHS
Dale Bacon, NSHS

Graduate Research Assistants
Stephanie Panting (2005)
Thomas Wattenbarger (2005-06)