Omaha Tribal Information


American Memory Collection Library of Congress

The Newspaper Writings of Susette La Flesche

Art, Photography & Music

Omaha Tribe images from the American Indian Congress of 1898 from the collections of the Omaha Public Library

History of the American West, 1860-1920: Photographs from the Collection of the Denver Public Library

Omaha Music


Histories and Stories of Nebraska by Addison Erwin Sheldon Two Crows (Cahae Numba), Logan Fontenelle

History of the state of Nebraska first published in 1882 by The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, IL.

Historical Sketch of the Omaha Tribe of Indians in Nebraska By Alice C. Fletcher

Private Pierre Cruzatte, Lewis & Clark inside the Corps (PBS)

A Short History of Omaha of the Early Development of Omaha Historic Omaha.Com


First People's Language Resources

Omaha-Ponca Language

Laws & Treaties

Treaty with the Omaha, 1865. Mar. 6, 1865. | 14 Stats., 667. | Ratified, Feb. 13, 1866. | Proclaimed Feb. 15, 1866.

United States Code TITLE 25 - Indians Chapter 14 - Miscellaneous Subchapter XLV OMAHA TRIBE: DISTRIBUTION OF JUDGMENT FUND

Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties Vol. I, Laws (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Stories & Literature

The Fading of Shadow Flower, Neihardt, John G.

The Last Thunder Song, Neihardt, John G.