As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic substock, it is very probable that the social laws and customs of the one people are identical with those of the other, as there has been nothing to cause extensive differentiation. It is not known whether the Hidatsa and Crow tribes ever camped in a circle. Morgan's list of the Crow gentes is given, with his peculiar notation, as follows:

1. Prairie Dog gens, A-che-pä-beʹ-cha.

2. Bad Leggings, E-sachʹ-ka-buk.

3. Skunk, Ho-ka-rutʼ-cha.

4. Treacherous Lodges, Ash-bot-chee-ah.

5. Lost Lodges, Ah-shinʹ-nä deʹ-ah (possibly intended for Last Lodges, those who camped in the rear).

6. Bad Honors, Ese-kep-käʹ-buk.

7. Butchers, Oo-sä-botʼ-see.

8. Moving Lodges, Ah-hä-chick.

9. Bear-paw Mountain, Ship tetʼ-zä.

10. Blackfoot Lodges, Ash-kaneʹ-na.

11. Fish Catchers, Boo-a-dăʹ-sha.

12. Antelope, O-hot-du-sha.

13. Raven, Pet-chale-ruh-päʹ-ka.